2021 so far in the Product & UX hiring world and a few Updates

Now that we’re already more than 100 days into 2021, we thought why not to take a look at some recent changes to our platform and an interesting – although quite obvious – trend.

Recent changes

Being on a mission to make job search for Product & UX roles as fast and simple as possible we added some helpers to better fine-tune the search listings, namely:

  • Experience level: Activates the display of experience level tags – that way it’s immediately visible what minimum-level experience is required for the listed position.
  • Compact listings: A switch to turn off all the keyword tags that are shown with a listing and decrease the vertical size of each row a bit – this is for all of those who like to quickly skim through the job titles and don’t want these tags in their way, especially on smaller screens.
  • Open in new tab: A pretty simple one, the search page stays as it is and every click on a job listing opens the details for it in a new tab – seems to be most useful on mobile.

The settings above are available via the dropdown menu after clicking on the little cog button besides the region filter:

Click the fancy cog button and be delighted

The trend: Increase in remote Product Management, Design and UX positions

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but nevertheless is very interesting to see and also follow up on in the future. We were seeing quite an increase of remote jobs across all roles. Here’s a quick impression what it kinda looks like:

Absolute growth of Product & UX positions with remote option

In total numbers this means during March 2020 there were only 9 jobs listed on producthire.net which would allow for candidates to work remotely, while there was a total of 46 listings during that month. One year later, in March 2021, the total number of remote positions grew to 127 and a total of 465 – okay everything grew, pretty cool – but in essence: the “remote to on-site ratio” changed from 19.6% to 27.3%. Nice.

In case you haven’t noticed or didn’t find it yet, you can easily filter for all those remote jobs via the “Remote/Anywhere” option in the region filter:

Fun with filters

A “call for papers”

Last but not least: If you’re an experienced Product Manger, UX Designer, Startup Founder or Recruiter and have something to share (or know someone who does), even if it’s an already published piece but it would still benefit visitors of our site with some valuable insights, drop us a message and we’d be happy to publish and promote it here on insights.producthire.net!

Allright, that’s it for this time. Good luck with your next career or hiring move and stay safe!